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Frequently Asked Questions


I wrote my paper while I was on exchange. Can I still submit?

Yes, you are still eligible to submit a paper.


My paper is slightly above the wordcount. Can I still submit?

Generally yes. However, our editors reserve the right to stop reading at 3500 words if the paper does not seem promising up to that point. Papers beyond 6000 cannot be accepted.


I am no longer an undergraduate student. Can I still submit?

That depends on when you graduated. The Journal of International Affairs aims to provide undergraduate students with a platform to showcase their work. Hence, we only accept papers of students that are currently enrolled in their undergraduate program or that have graduated within the past winter term session (September - April).


What does the editing process look like?

Submissions undergo a blind review process by both peers and faculty, which consists of several rounds of reading and review. Authors of shortlisted submissions then have the opportunity to work with Journal of International Affairs editors to refine their submissions for publication. As this stage requires close collaboration between authors and editors, authors will need reliable internet access at this time (approximately throughout early March) and preferably be located in Vancouver to support communication.


Can I submit the same paper to the JIA and other journals for consideration?

Yes, the JIA welcomes papers that may be submitted to other journals as well. However, other journals may have different submission guidelines, so please consult their guidelines as well before submitting.



If your question is not addressed here, please e-mail to irsa.jiaeditor@gmail.com.



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