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Patrick Leong

Patrick Leong is a third-year History Honours with International Relations major specialising in East Asia. As part of the Sciences Po and UBC Dual Degree Program, he spent the first two years of his undergraduate career at the Paris Institute of Political Studies, where he majored in Politics and Government (Euro-American Programme). Patrick is passionate about multilateral organisations, international development, and security studies. In the future, he hopes to pursue a Master's Degree in Public Policy. In his free time, Patrick loves to ski, skate, play piano and ukulele, and make memes.


Trevor Travis

Trevor Travis is a fourth-year undergraduate International Relations major with an Associate of Arts Degree in Asian Studies. He enjoys traveling and writing, and currently has a creative short story and academic paper published. Trevor owns a giant Pacific Rim centered wall map which, according to him, emphasizes the shifting political structure and economic power in the world. Though he has been to Europe, the majority of pin-marked visited places on his map are around the Pacific Rim, including Japan, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, and more. Aside from Pacific Rim and East Asian history, economy, and development interests, Trevor enjoys camping, hiking, scuba diving, and surfing.


Areeka Riaz

Areeka Riaz is a fourth-year undergraduate studying International Relations and Gender, Race and Social Justice. Her academic focuses are on migration, civil rights, and social movements. Beyond her role at UBC JIA, she is a storyteller and editor, most recently at the Talon UBC, is excited to be running a UBC student directed seminar next term with the political science department, and is involved in various youth-led popular education efforts. In her free time you can find her exploring & hiking across beautiful BC.



Felicia Sit

Felicia Sit is a third-year International Relations major and English Literature minor. Her research interests include the modernization of China and its sociocultural implications on the Chinese diaspora, and she hopes to travel to her motherland sometime soon. Additionally, she has recently developed an interest in international space law, but does not hope to visit Mars anytime soon. Outside of her academics, Felicia enjoys playing board games in mildly competitive environments, travelling, hosting/attending potlucks, and blogging on her vegan food Instagram (where she posts day-to-day eats and quasi-reviews of restaurants).



Tomas Kantor

Tomas Kantor is a fourth-year student of International Relations. He has a particular interest on development studies, European integration, and environmental policy. Over this past summer, Tomas had the opportunity of interning at the European Commission in Brussels, helping in the edition of the 2019 Education and Training Monitor. He is a big ski fan and really enjoys hiking, dancing, and excessive amounts of coffee. Tomas looks forward to be working at JIA this year.



Dorothy Settles

Dorothy Settles is a fourth year International Relations major from Tempe, Arizona. Her main interests are human rights, conflict, and migration, particularly in the context of East and Southeast Asia. A year ago, she took a semester off school and embarked on a solo backpacking trip across Asia, traveling mostly overland from Japan to Myanmar. After graduation, Dorothy is looking to pursue a career in conflict and humanitarian journalism. She is looking forward to joining the JIA editorial team and reading this year’s submissions!


Chelsea Parker

Chelsea is a third-year undergraduate student in the Honours in Political Science with International Relations program. Her primary interests include contested territories, plurinationalism, decolonization, government vs. governance, and the transnational mobilization of political societies. On the side, Chelsea enjoys Olympic weightlifting, reading non-fiction, and travel. Upon graduation, she hopes to pursue a graduate degree in Political Science.



Anton Strukoff

Anton is a fifth year student with the dual degree between Sciences Po and UBC. At Sciences Po he concentrated in international law, and at UBC he is majoring in international relations.



Julian Lam

Julian is a second-year student intending to major in international relations. Besides enjoying a good book or political documentary, you can find Julian at the beach or one of Vancouver's hiking trails. Off-campus, Julian loves to travel and try food that Vancouver has to offer. Julian has keen interests in the topics of foreign aid and international capital flows. After graduating, Julian hopes to attend law school, and eventually, to work as a diplomat.


Daniela Ramirez

Daniela Ramirez is a fourth-year International Relations major at the University of British Columbia. Being deeply concerned with emerging issues of climate security in marginalized populations, her academic research has focused on international development and political ecology, primarily within regions of the Global South that are unequally exposed to the impacts of climate change. She is currently on exchange at Sciences Po in Paris where she continues to explore these areas of study and aims to later pursue graduate studies in the field of global environmental policy following her graduation. She is often seen riding her bike no matter the distance unless she is hiking or travelling whenever she gets the opportunity.



Hannah Exley

Hannah Exley is a third-year International Relations major and Spanish minor from Agassiz, BC. Her interests within International Relations lie in economic history and development studies in the Global South. In her limited free time, Hannah enjoys writing, caring for her many houseplants, and exploring new places.



David Serpa

David Serpa is in the last year of his program, studying Political Science and Economics. He loves studying environmental issues, especially climate policy and ways to promote sustainable development, as well as political economy and political theory - mainly to try and understand the role of ethics in democracies. When not studying, David likes to work out, read philosophy or books on current affairs, walk around the city or in hiking trails, cook and listen to metal and classic rock. David wants to pursue a Master's in Environmental Policy.





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